Policy Briefs


We have developed these briefs as a way to simplify complicated policy issues. There are three sections in total.

  1. The Framework Section is a broad overview of the topic in a couple of pages, this section is written in lay terms that is meant to be accessible to individuals that are new to the issue area.

  2. The Solutions Section builds off of the Framework is a deeper dive into potential policy frameworks that can be used to address the barriers identified in the Framework. This is meant for those interested in diving deeper into the specific policy issue area.

  3. The Policy Playbook dives deeper into the Framework Solutions. The playbooks have policy summaries, links to statutory and regulatory language as well as sample policy language that partners can access. This is not intended to be a widely shared resource, it is meant to be a resource for close partners. You may contact us at policy@theequityfund.org if you are interested in this resource.


Workforce Development & Labor Protection

Climate, clean energy and environmental policies can generate family-sustaining careers for communities that have suffered from economic marginalization for decades. This brief begins to demystify workforce and labor issues, so that we can protect the planet and advance good jobs for all.